Do you require appointments?

PAINTBASE does not require appointments but we strongly recommend them, especially Thursday-Sunday! We accommodate walk-ins when possible, but we build our schedule around appointments. We suggest calling ahead if you have not booked an appointment before the day-of.

Please note that we do require a credit card to reserve appointments of 4 or more; no-shows will be charged 50% of the total cost of services booked.

We know how easy it is to get behind, so please call us if you are running late for your service. We reserve the right to cancel or abbreviate appointments if you are 15 minutes late with no call.

Do you do acrylics?

No, PAINTBASE does not apply acrylic nails. We do offer sculpted gel, which is a product that can be used to add strength and length to your nails. See below for more information on sculpted gel.

What is Sculpted Gel?

CND Brisa Sculpted Gel is a nail builder that adds strength and length to your nails; it is a healthier alternative to acrylics. Sculpted Gel is thinner, more flexible and more natural-looking than traditional acrylics, but are just as durable. Our nail stylists hand-file our Sculpted Gel to avoid using drills, so please allow an hour and a half for full-set application or overlay and one hour for fill-ins. Hand-filing, while more time consuming, is ultimately better for both the customer and nail stylist.

Does PAINTBASE do nail art?

Yes, we do! Many of our nail stylists are extremely skilled in nail art and design! If you would like to book an accent nail or full nail design please be sure to request this when booking over the phone or add it to your appointment when booking online. This can be found under the “NAILS” section for online booking, and can be added to any service. It is important for us to know this in advance, both for scheduling purposes and so we can match you with a nail design expert. When you arrive for your appointment, photos of your desired design are very helpful to your nail stylist. If we can’t accommodate that particular design we will advise you on other options! Our instagram page is an excellent source for nail design ideas as we are constantly updating it with our work and inspiration. Please note that intricate accents or full designs will vary in price based on time and complexity.

Online Booking Tips

  • If you need gel removal please be sure to add that to your appointment, gel removal requires additional time and it’s extremely helpful to know this for our scheduling purposes. This can be found under the “NAILS” section and can be added to any services. We do not charge for removal if you are having gel put back on.
  • Be sure to add the Accent Nails, Full Nail Design or French options to your services so we may allot for that time. These services can be found under the “NAILS” section
  • You can purchase gift cards online under the “SHOP ONLINE” tab, you will also find options to purchase Memberships and Packages under this section.

How do you clean your instruments?

We use a hospital-grade sterilization machine called an autoclave. Instruments are cleaned and freshly packaged and sealed after each treatment, then run through the autoclave. All buffers and files are one-use products and are disposed of after each customer. You are more than welcome to take home your buffers or files!

What types of gel lamps do you use?

We use OPI LED lamps.

How do your Memberships work?

Memberships are excellent options for clients who are booking ONE or more services a month regularly. By becoming a member you will automatically save on your first service of the month, making it an excellent way to save on your routine maintenance. Your membership fee is charged once a month on the first, at which time you will receive a credit for whichever membership service level you have selected. You can use this at any time and your benefits accrue, so if you miss a month, you’ll have 2 the next! Any additional services or upgrades you book for the remainder of the month, to include eyelash and tanning services, will be 10% off. You’ll also receive a complimentary birthday manicure in your birthday month (for mani/pedi members) and 15% off of retail. You’ll also receive early access to other specials and events!

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes! We offer Gift Cards both in store and online. Click here to purchase a printable Gift Card online.

Do you offer Eyelash Extensions?

Yes! We offer beautiful eyelash extension applications in our salon, expertly applied and customized to your preferences. Allow approximately 1-1.5 hours for your initial full set appointment and 45 minutes-1 hour for subsequent fill-in appointments. Your eyelash extensions will follow the natural shedding pattern of your real eyelashes; we recommend fill-ins at 2-3 week intervals, but this may vary based on your eyelashes. For online booking, all eyelash services can be found under the “EYELASHES” section. Call or email to schedule a complimentary consultation!

What are 5 Free polishes?

One of PAINTBASE’s missions is to provide healthier options for our customers. Five(+) Free polishes are brands that have dedicated themselves to eliminating as many of the chemical agents in nail polish as possible, with some brands being 7 Free or higher. All of our classic brands (OPI, Essie) are 3 free, but we additionally offer 5+ Free polishes in our salon. These brands meet our standards for color and durability as well as being industry leaders in consumer health. We want our clients to be informed and have options!

Where do I park at your Tucker Street location?

We have excellent on-street parking, just mind the no-parking zones and be sure to park no further than 6 inches from the curb! We also have designated parking spaces in the small parking garage next to The Devon’s leasing office, as well as the parking garage on the St. Mary’s Street end of the building.

Why are your prices higher than traditional nail salons?

Our prices are typically within a few dollars of traditional nail salons and significantly more affordable than day spa pricing. Several factors affect our pricing:

  1. We want to provide our nail stylists with a living wage and a healthy work-life balance.
  2. We invest in one-time use buffers and files and industry-lead sterilization and cleaning equipment that many salons do not.
  3. We use higher quality, more health conscious products in our services. While these cost more, we believe they are well-worth it to provide our customers with a healthier experience.

How can I request a donation for my fundraiser or non-profit?

Please review our Donation Request Policy & Guidelines here.